Community Dose Boxes

If you have a repeat prescription and find it difficult to keep on top of when you should take your medication, a community dose box (or dosette tray) from Badham Pharmacy could be the answer.


We can dispense oral medication in a weekly compliance box to help patients safely manage their medicines at home for free.

This service enables patients who are on several oral medicines, patients on complex medication regimes, or patients who need more support to safely and independently manage their medicines. The weekly compliance boxes are dispensed and checked on site at our pharmacy. The simple design ensures the patient can safely administer their medicines during the day. The device allows for the patient to quickly confirm if they have taken their medication if they are unsure. The compliance boxes can also be useful if the patient has carers to help with their medication administration.


The weekly compliance boxes allow patients to still be in control of taking their medicines but with extra safety due to the clarity of the device ensuring a patient takes the correct number and type of medicines at the correct time of day. Many patients find this device ensures they can remain independent with their medicines management. The device is also useful is a patient wishes to go on holiday as only a tray of medicines is needed for each.