NHS Prescription Dispensing

We supply medicines and appliances requested on NHS prescriptions, together with information and advice, to enable their safe and effective use by patients and carers.


We dispense NHS medicines and appliances with reasonable promptness. We make records of all medicines supplies to enable us to provide continued care, for example if a new medication is started we will check for any potential interactions with your current medicines. Our trained pharmacists and pharmacy technician provide advice to enable you to use the medication or appliance safely, be aware of potential side effects and how to get the best from your medicine. We have strict ordering processes for our medicines, to ensure all medicines from our wholesalers are safe for use. We will also advise on the safe storage and keeping of medicines plus that any unwanted medicines can be returned to the pharmacy for safe destruction. Where deemed clinically appropriate by the pharmacist, records will be made of advice given and interventions and referrals made. Occasionally we may not be able to supply the full quantity of medicines, if this is the case, you will be provided with a written note for any medicine which is owed, and told when the medicine is expected to be available.


The pharmacist will check the prescription for safety, appropriateness and legality. The pharmacy will offer advice and refer the patient if felt this would be of benefit to the patient.

Accessing this service

A patient can present with any NHS prescription, either in paper format or electronically sent direct from the patients GP.