Repeat Prescription Dispensing

We can dispense and store NHS prescriptions issued by a GP for any regular medicines received, so that a patient only needs to contact the pharmacy when they require a next supply of medicines.


If a patient receives a regular prescription of medicines, they may be able to take part in the repeat dispensing scheme. The patient must first must discuss the wish to take part in the service with the prescriber of the medicines. If this service is possible, the prescriber will issue up to one years supply of prescriptions to the chosen pharmacy.

When the patient next needs more of their medicines, the patient only needs to contact the pharmacy, they do not need to go to the prescriber. The pharmacist may check the medicine is still safe for the patient, for example, the pharmacist may be ask how the patient is feeling, before the dispensing of your medicine. You must also let the pharmacist know if there are any changes for example, to your medical condition or any new medicines (including over the counter medicines) you have started taking. When you have used up all your prescriptions you may need to see your prescriber before they issue another set of repeat prescriptions to the pharmacy.


This service means that you do not need to see your prescriber when your condition is stable also you know that you prescriptions are waiting in the pharmacy ready for when you next need a supply.

Accessing this service

The first step for this service, is to speak with your prescriber (or doctor) to see if repeat dispensing is a suitable service for you.