New Alcohol Scratch Card

Badham Pharmacy now offers patients a free “ Rethink your Drink scratch card “

The scratch card gives the client the ability to record how often they have a drink, the number of units they have per day and how often they exceed more than 6 units per day if they are female , or more units than 8 if they are male

The treatment of Alcohol related interventions cost the Health Service nearly three billion pounds per year

These conditions include liver cirrhosis, malignant neoplasms cardiac arrhythmias and hypertensive states

We tend to assume that excessive drinking is related only to the younger age groups in our society , but in fact excessive drinking touches all age groups

We offer confidential advice and support, this is all part of the Healthily Living Programme

Please call into your local Badham Pharmacy and pick up your free scratch card , you may be shocked at the result !!

We are here to help

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